Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pure Grace, #2, and Gee-Hada

Pure Grace:
This is the name of my new FAVORITE lotion and perfume. By Philosophy. Clean like soap and water. After searching for a new fragrance for nearly two years, I am very happy about my new find.

How do you get a two year old to not go number two in their underwear?

The jam is really good. Shane compared me to Betty Crocker, the Barefoot Contessa and Gee-Hada (Giada). Speaking of Geehada, my brother in law always jokes how the guys at work love to watch her cooking show. One of their wives said, "I sure haven't seen you tryin' any of her recipes!" Funny.


Jennifer said...

You know, I think you come up with great titles to your posts (in response to your earlier post about blogging frustrations).

Happy birthday to little Jack--isn't he 1 month old today?

Jenny said...

OOoooo, I want to smell that perfume. Wish this blog was scratch n sniff.

Stuarts said...

First, if you figure out the solution to #2, please let me know because we are having no luck in that department. Second, you are putting us all to shame! Why are you making homemade jam with two kids and a newborn, when my kids are munching on stale Apple Jacks? Madness.