Saturday, May 10, 2008

Daddy Daycare-3 on 1

Tonight some of our sweet friends got married. Shane decided to stay with the boys so I could go to the wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony!!! Very, very sweet!! Here is a run down of how Shane's night went.

6:45pm tornado watch issued. i almost stayed home, but our resident meteorologists (my sis and chad) said it was ok to drive the 2 blocks to the church where the wedding was being held
8:42pm call to anna. no answer.
8:43pm text to page. no answer.
8:44pm text to kevin. no answer.
8:45pm dealing with the frustration of not being able to get ahold of me.
8:45pm me in the buffet line chatting it up with friends, having a grand time
9:02pm anna sees she misses shane's call. the conversation went about like this. "anna, do you want the boys bathed?" yeah. "do you want the living room/kitchen straighened before bed?" yeah. "do you still want to give ld a sponge bath?" ok babe-i'm on my way home!!

State of the Union when I got home:
-Shane was sitting in the chair holding LD with a dazed/sleepy look on his face.
-the big boys were running around nakey-ready for bathtime!
-the toilet paper was empty in my bathroom. that is because they flushed an entire roll while shane fed jack his bottle.
-crumbs in my bed because they decided to eat crackers on my clean sheets.

It is now almost midnight. I am wide awake. Shane was incredibly sweet to watch the boys tonight! He rocks! My duty by myself starts tommorow and I'm really nervous about it! Should be a good time!

Shane's words to me were, "you are just going to have to man defense with these three anna." i'm not really sure what that means.

i think the big boys really bonded over the toilet paper thing though. they were giggling and playing so good when i got home. for them no clothes and playing in the toilet was probably like an evening in heaven.


Shane said...

Zone defense means you have to stand back and herd the boys as a group instead of individually.

Allow them to play in the toilet, but not drink the water...

Allow them to pee in the toilet at the same time as long as they are not peeing on each other...

That sort of thing.

You writing this down?

Stuart Fam said...

You two are too much! I remember Richard Henley telling us we would have to move to a zone defense instead of man to man when the 3rd came along. Boy, was he right! How is everyone feeling? I didn't see you all at church? What's the matter, don't you have the schedule down yet...I mean, you have been home for like 5-6 days!

Jenny said...

Hehehe:) zone defense... blah, I guess I have to start that on Wednesday when Cam goes back to work. Happy Mother's Day!!!! (I'm sooo sleepy). We went to church this morning and Piper groaned and grunted the whole time so we had to walk out with her:) (I'm So sleepy!!) I just got up from a nap but I feel as though I've not slept in a month, did I mention I'M SLEEPY!!??

Can't wait to see you and Jack Jack:) We'll have to get together soon and do some zone defense together!

Tricia said...

Zone defense... oh, so true. But, you get the hang of it as you go along. HA!

If left alone for even a minute after a potty visit, Tessa will flush an entire roll down the toilet in seconds... it's a problem! She's knows she is not supposed to and will get in trouble, but apparently the thrill of watching all the paper unroll is well worth it for her.

Sorry to hear about the "bug". Hope Shane is doing better. Hang in there, and I'll be praying this round is it for y'all and everyone gets healthy! Hope you had a good Mother's Day! :-)