Thursday, May 8, 2008

Night One Flying Solo

We just left Papa & Nana's house. We went so Shane could help Papa mow. They have stayed with us since we got home Monday night. We've had lots of family helping us over the last week-Shane's parents, my Mamaw & Aunt Linda, my sister and her husband and kids, and my parents.

We were about 8 minutes into our car ride home with just the 5 of us when Moose threw up everywhere. Poor little guy. He's said his tummy hurt all day. So, we are now home, Shane is sleeping with Moose. Car seat cover is in the wash. LD is about to eat. I just had to laugh about it all. Even in the midst of a possible stomach bug outbreak at our house, I am so thankful for our new family. LD is incredibly sweet and the boys and me love him.

It breaks my heart little Moose is sick. He's so pitiful and cuddly. I pray that he gets better soon! And that baby LD stays healthy!

CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL UPDATE: Some of ya'll asked why we had to go to Children's. LD has as spot on his lower back. The nurse noticed it Sunday and the doctor said it looked like it needed to be checked out. The doctors at Children's were called and said they needed to see him to make sure it was not connected to the bottom of his spinal cord, and to make sure he did not have spina bifida. The neonatologist (sp?) looked at it and said it looked ok and nothing to be worried about. We were very thankful it looked ok and that surgery was not necessary!


Amanda said...

Praise God you're all doing okay. I pray Reed gets better soon. Jack is a doll.

Jenny said...

I hate it that Reed is sick!!! Hopefully you'll all stay healthy, we'll be praying for you.
I'm sooo thankful Reed's trip to Children's turned out so well!!!