Tuesday, May 13, 2008


At LAST, the long awaited day is here!!! The GRAND OPENING!!!

Like Mother...

Like Son...
Our first "official" family outing. (where we got out of the car at least!) Friday night we did go to Sonic for malt's and slushee's, and then came home and watched The Wedding Planner. And we drove through McD's yesterday, but TODAY we got out of the car for our field trip!

Nana was in the drive-thru and she got out to come in! She fed LD his bottle- a first for her!
Moose was tired of the pictures! He is saying, "NO!!!"
We met Joe & Sarah at Bueno for lunch! This is the Caddy their church gave them. They say it is 18 feet long and only refer to it in Nautical terms, such as, "It's time to dock the boat." Funny.
LD loved his first outing!

From our Family to Yours, PEACE, LOVE & BUENO!!!


Stuart Fam said...

This is pretty funny...it would seem odd that there would be 101 pictures of your family at Taco Bueno...but not really if I know ya at all! Hope you had the time of your life. What did you eat? I actually called Shane last week to see if I could tell you what day Bueno was opening...but he made me keep my mouth shut. Apparently, he beat me to the idea that it would be fun to take you there on opening day!

Savannah said...

I heard there were CRAZY lines and no parking there today. I can wait for it to calm down there, but I'm glad you got to celebrate Jack's half-month of life today!!

Still.... he's not too old for newborn pics! Let me know!

suzanne said...

oh, we are such bueno-heads!!!

i haven't been keeping up with you lately (friends of david, jennifer, jill, mike, megan, and chris).


i'm so glad everything's turned out well!

your post-partum posts remind me SO much of mine a year ago!! it's so funny - the difference a few children make!

lovin' your site!! and your sweet family!

Megan Schell said...

IF ONLY we had Bueno up here I would have made it Henry's day-of-birth celebration meal!! I'm so pumped it came at Jack's 2 week mark. The earlier the better.

Love y'all!


Aunt Neddie said...

That is AWESOME!!! What a fun trip to tex-mex land. The drink by Jack is as big as he is. I can just see you all at the Bueno with the big fancy camera flashing every few seconds. That is hilarious!

Amanda said...

We have Taco Bueno here. It's pretty dang good. I'm jealous you got to see the Gobers. Maybe I will too...better call 'em.

Samantha said...

I love the pictures - you always make me laugh, Anna

Jennifer said...

I've actually never tried Taco Bueno. I'll have to some day.

I love Luke's hand on little Jack's head... that's sweet!