Monday, January 7, 2013

Ding Ding School's Back In Session

You can imagine my joy when my 8 year old son came up to me Saturday evening and asked if he could hop on my computer to customize a sectional.

Decorator Mama joy filled my soul.

We are taking the proceeds of our March 2nd yard sale and wanting to buy a sectional for the Man Cave.  Apparently my boy shares my joy of the search.

School is back in session.  We take off from Thanksgiving to New Year's and it is wonderful.  This holiday season we ate, rested, watched movies, played games, and enjoyed the snow.

We even took a trip to Branson the weekend before Christmas.  We took all the Christmas books that had gone unread and spent two nights in a little condo.  No T.V.  Just being intentional to spend time together, read and play games. 

There are plenty of things that went undone this Christmas season such as not looking at Christmas lights, never getting around to baking the sugar cookies, or actually doing all the cool Advent things I had gathered together.  I am learning to try to be OK with things left undone.

Back to school starting today.  I asked the boys who they knew from Louisiana.  Their response...Troy Landry?  Bruce and Kristy Lou?  Yeeeeep boys, you nailed it.

I've been on a renewed Flylady kick.  I just finished the book Sink Reflections.  It is just so practical which is why it works so well for me.  The premise is to establish a strong before bed routine and a strong morning routine. 

Before bed think about the next day.  Make sure your kitchen is tidy and pick out your clothes for the next day.  Decide what you want your evening routine to be for the babies.  We do baths and stories at 7pm and put them down at 8.  It's nice because it leaves two hours of quiet.  Lately we've been reading by the fire.

Morning.  Oh the thorn in my flesh called morning.  My intentions are so noble.  Rise early, pray for the nations, dive into the Word.  All before getting for real ready with make-up and all.  Yeah.  Like I said earlier, I'm learning to be OK with reality which is more like a quick shower, air dried hair and  no make-up.

It's something I'm grappling with.  Flylady says get for real ready everyday.  Unless I'm going somewhere I just can't get motivated to put my face on.  I'll throw on a pearl stud and that's about as good as it gets.

So we're back in the swing of routine today and it feels great.  Come back tomorrow and I'll share with you about the life changing Christmas gift I received.  I'm not even kidding.

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