Tuesday, October 11, 2011

To Do List

This morning I wrote out a to-do list.

It was tempting to make the list real long. 

After a prayerful time I wrote down 4 things that really need to get accomplished today.

There are many other things I could put my hands to but today I'm choosing to slow down.

I'm trying to learn to slow down and spend meaningful time with my boys during the day.

Tomorrow I'm hosting a fellowship with my Bible Study.  Everything in me wants to get a bucket of hot, soapy Pine Sol water and scrub my kitchen from top to bottom.

Instead, I am choosing to shut everything down for the next two hours to rest and read the Word.

Who knew that obedience would come in the form of me saying yes to letting some things around the house go.  A bucket of Pine Sol water I'm  having to lay at the feet of Jesus so I can choose the greater thing.

Learning how to live within the boundaries of today and not run a fast paced marathon 24/7.

Learning how to live with intention and purpose.

Choosing to rest.

Choosing to worship in the mundane.

Remembering how Mary chose the better thing when she stopped to sit at Jesus feet and God blessed her for it.


Anonymous said...

Good for you - - - SO good for you!

Just like Jesus praised Mary for having her priorities right, He'll bless you.

Love you sooo much.

p.s. - welcome back :)!!


New Every Morning said...

Oh friend, we're dealing with the same thing. Did you read my post from yesterday? We must be related. :)

Angela said...

This was exactly me today! We're also hosting Mission Group at our house tonight. Thank you for this thoughtful post. Such a great reminder.