Thursday, October 13, 2011


Two Words...Must Have

A mini version of this came in a little gift with purchase last month
and the smell is to die for~

There is a Tyler candle called Warm Vanilla Sugar Cookie that this candle really reminds me of.

When you're ready to make your house smell like Christmas in a few weeks this candle just may be the guy for the job.

We're still using Leaves because it is all things Fall.

One trick about making your house smell good is to spray "the good stuff" in the entryway area right before you're expecting your guests.  It makes the entire house smell good and something about a good smelling house just makes everyone happy.


Bugs and Sunshine said...

This is Bath and Body Works Candle by the way!

New Every Morning said...

Is it weird that my mouth is watering over a candle?
I'm currently burning Apple Crumble from BBW. Love it so much I also bought a plugin for my entryway. I can't smell it much anymore, but I know my guests will smell it when they enter the foyer. :)

The Merediths said...

I have a Leaves wall plug-in in 2 rooms of my house plus a back-up ready when it runs out. I probably have two more good rainy afternoon uses of my Leaves candle. I'm a Leaves addict and my name is Georgia. But at least my house smells amazing.