Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Must Read

She said she'd be satisfied.  My customer Thursday evening qualified for any item in the catalog up to a $40 retail for free.  The pendant she wanted was $24.  She chose the $24 pendant as her free item and said she'd be satisfied.

I looked up because the word satisfied caught me by surprise.  It's not a word you hear people say often.  That they will be satisfied with what they have.  No.  Most people these days want more.

Her blog said she was filled.  That God had blessed her with a heart of contentment.  Her words stayed with me and had me thinking.

Friday, as Shane and I drove home from a field trip we took the boys on we were talking.  I shared with him that if there was one character quality I'd like to see the Lord develop in me this next year it would be a heart of contentment.  I shared with him how the night before my customer said she'd be satisfied and how the word really had me thinking.  I shared with him about Jenny's post of contentment.  Satisfied and Content.  Those were the two words I shared with my husband that I'd love to be developed in my heart.

Friday evening we want on a date and saw the movie Courageous.  My sister had told me there is a book for women and one for men that accompany the movie and that I had to get them, so I did.  After the movie, as we were sitting on the porch at Outback waiting for our table, I pulled our gifts out of my purse.  Shane opened his copy and I opened mine.  Can you guess what Chapter One of my book was?
Yep, you guessed it right.  Surprisingly Satisfied.  A resolution to be content.  Not just Satisfied.  Surprisingly Satisfied.  If I've ever doubted if the God of the Universe is alive, active and deeply personal, I can assure you that reading the words on this page made any doubt flee away.  Only He could have placed two specific words on my heart and then place a book in my hands telling me that yes, these were holy thoughts inspired by Him and He would give me the resources to turn toward Him.
Today I made a resolution.  A resolution to embrace my current season of life and maximize my time in it.  A resolution to resist the urge to hurry through or circumvent any portion of my journey, to live with a spirit of contentment.

I would strongly encourage you to take the time and spend the money to go see this movie in the theatre.  Sherwood Pictures has been making movies the last several years with strong messages that honor God.  We're not big movie people but I think if we support these types of movies they will continue to make more.  You will not be disappointed with the time and money spent.  And.  Don't be surprised if the enemy tries to thwart your plans to go.  This movie has a powerful message and the potential to change many lives and homes.

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Neddie said...

WOW!!! That gives me chills! I am so glad you got to see the movie! I know it will be life-changing for a lot of men, but the book will also change a lot of women. It is amazing! The first chapter on being content was so perfect (glad I read it AFTER I got the car :0) And it is ironic that you said that the enemy may try to keep you from seeing it because that is exactly what happened to us too. Chad mentioned that after the movie at dinner! Powerful stuff! I love your wisdom and your heart for God.