Thursday, September 1, 2011

Invisible Glass Cleaner

"It leaves your glass virtually invisible!"

Can I just tell you I haven't been this torn up over a cleaning product since the Shark Steamer infomercials came out.

I was at a ladies house several months ago and it was the most calming, peaceful atmosphere.  She had her blinds pulled up and the sun was shining through her sparkling clean windows.  Her daughter's room was painted the most gorgeous aqua color.  The windows had sheer curtains on them.  The window was cracked open and the breeze was blowing the curtains.


In her kitchen the sparkling glass was just over the top pretty.

Sparkling windows with raised blinds is such a simple thing you can do to enhance the look of your house. 

Yesterday I was talking to my sister and she told me about this new product she found on QVC.  Target and Walgreen's sell it (it's actually cheaper at Target, it is in the car cleaning section in both stores).  The women in my family are QVC aficionados.  I'm talking they're on the preferred speed dial lists and the whole nine yards.  Our family shopping tendencies are another post for another day though.  When Natalie told me about an amazing glass cleaner she had me at hello and I knew it would complete me.  Bwahhaaa.  Snort.

If you click on the links below you'll see exactly what products I bought yesterday that changed my life. 

Changed.  My.  Life.

Do you hear what I'm telling you?  No I haven't lost weight and no I'm not pregnant.  That healthy glow is my new changed life.

The first tester area was my big kitchen window. 

Shane was here, you can ask him.  I sprayed the first pane and wiped it with my micro fiber cloth.  MAN ALIVE.  It was noticeably different.  Wiped off so easily and left a mean sparkle!  Next I went to my big bathroom mirror.  As I walked in before I even turned the light on I could see streaks and a light layer of dust.  I had just cleaned the day before OK.  (with Windex) (OK with fake brand Windex because I couldn't find the real stuff).  I sprayed the Invisible Glass on, wiped it off and voila!  Perfection!

You can use it on your car windows and tinted glass too.  Mirrors, glass, cars...

Here are the links you can click on to see more...
QVC (I'll wait while you run grab a Vanilla DP from Sonic Happy Hour and pop a bag of popcorn.  Invite your friends over to watch.  This is Date Night good.  If you want to send your Redbox monies to me because I just saved you $1.08 just email me for my address)

Walgreen's (Invisible Glass Spray)               

Blue Micro Fiber Cloths (The new cloths I bought that were sitting right next to the cleaner.  LOVE these.  You can't use fabric softener when you wash these.  They are special.)

Happy Sparkling Windows to you and yours.


Becke' said...

oooh, I love a good cleaning product! Can we come over and try before we buy? hee!

Mae said...

Just thought I'd let you know that I read that last night, and went out and got it today. :)