Friday, May 20, 2011

Organized Blogs

I organized my blog reading.  My friends and family are still in my favorites.  Specialized blogs on decorating/cooking/homeschooling are on my sidebar.

For security reasons I don't list our kids names or our family last name on my blog.  When folks link to my blog I always ask them link with Bugs and Sunshine  instead of my first and last name.  You never can be too safe these days and since my blog is a mega blog I want to protect my babies!  LOL!

I am LOVING the decorating/cleaning/cooking  blogs updated on my sidebar.  Great tips.  You should check em' out in all your spare time!

We're enjoying a weekend at home with Shane's parents.  Brisket is in the oven, it's a rainy day and we're having a ball!

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