Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Today marks a big day!

We are done with our commitments for the year!


Bible Study.

Is that it?  It felt like a lot more stuff than that.

Our summer is in full swing.

There is nothing more rewarding than the feeling of completion.

Now I'm praying for wisdom of how our days and weeks need to look.  As you may know, routine is a challenge for me and yet we will need some sort of routine for our summer days.  Our curriculum for next year has arrived and is sitting neatly in boxes.  We'll have a Kindergartner and a First Grader next year. 

I am so excited that our Bible study in the Fall will be on Acts.  I cannot wait to dig in!  The Holy Spirit coming in Acts 2 just gets me all kinds of excited!  I've got me some strong Southern Baptist roots but I love to see that Spirit coming with fire! LOL!  Sometimes when we are sitting so prim and proper in church I wander what would happen if God just unleashed Himself on our hearts and spirits.  I'd love to be a part of that service!

So, back to the summer agenda.  Two things on my list are creating memories/laughing a lot and enjoying my boys and husband.  Last week I shared about Jesus example of sitting down. I've been taking more intentional efforts to sit down in the course of a day.  It has been something else to see what is happening.  It is magnetic.  Those boys flock to me when I take the time to stop and sit. 

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Amanda said...

Let us know what you come up with! I am thinking of making a Jar of Joy with my kids. Go to and you will see the latest post. I posted it yesterday there...I didn't participate in this particular project, but it would be easy to recreate at home. A great way to serve others during our "down" time this summer.

And as for being "done"...I am done like a turkey on thanksgiving. 2 more weeks til I can come out of the oven, though. Done.