Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Yeah, I'm not sure what that means other than our modem is broken which means my 'puter won't turn on.

I'm at my husband's office right now.

I really think they like me loading up the bus and coming to use their facilities in the mid-workday so I'm sure posts will be uninterrupted.

I've been in Dallas last week at a training. It is always nice to go to a quiet hotel room with a nice white down comforter, get in my pj's and read the Word before nodding off to sleep.

When did Little Caesar's go back to $5?

We are having gourmet left-over's tonight-pizza reheated in the OVEN versus NUKING it. I love my family and they will know it.

We are in the middle of a big youth room renovation. It is looking really purty. All black and swanky and everything.

All of our clothes are thrown nicely into my laundry room with the door closed. It is tempting to go to Targe' to buy more under garmets instead of braving the pile. Is that wrong? Yea, I didn't think so either.

I am letting my nails "breathe" whatever that means. Does that really work? It better because I'm walking around without pink nails for the sake of my health.

Last but now least I am ready to decorate for Christmas.


Nic said...

Thanks for making me smile!!

New Every Morning said...

Christmas in July?? :)

Yes, I usually let my toenails "breathe" in the winter months.

I agree with Nic... you make me smile!!!