Friday, July 9, 2010


My 4 year old just asked me if we should sell my 6 year old for a price.

How much were you thinking?


Wow. In our family if you push your brother's chair, you might get someone wanting to sell you in the Dollar Spot at Targe' for Uno Dollar.
"A kindhearted woman gains respect." Prov 11:16a

These 5 simple words are easy to read.

They go down smooth like honey.

And they've been on my mind this week.

My mission today: Speak kind words.

Don't you want this for your life? Responding with kindness as a first response. In your spirit and thoughts unspoken as well as spoken words.

The long summer days are nice. They are different than the rest of the year bringing newness. Being confined in close quarters for long periods of time brings new challenges. Restlessness starts to take hold. Here is a simple verse me and my boys are learning together:

"Do everything without complaining or arguing." Philippians 2:13

My spirit is in need of some refreshment.

I've been inventorying the fruit in my life. We've fallen into a pretty normal summer schedule along with new habits and responses. Here is the fruit I want flowing from my life.









Self Control.

That's better than a day at the Spa.

Costs just as much if not more but it feels good and fits just right.


Jenny said...

I have heard of that book Shepherding a Child's Heart. I need to get it! I have a little calendar type thing that is called Wise Words for Moms by Ginger Plowman that I just got and am hoping to start referencing a lot with the kids. It's all about Reproof and Encouragement. It's not a parent's right to judge the thoughts and motives of their children. Wise parents will teach their children how to search and evaluate their own hearts for sinful motives. It has heart probing questions to go with different behaviors.

G said...

Wow! I'm copying that Proverbs 11 verse for myself. Just what I needed.
Hug <3

Nic said...

I'm in some major need of a Spirit refill!!
Hope y'all are going to get to come to the swimming party! Won't be the same without you!