Tuesday, July 6, 2010


This week I have been a bookworm. I started a Terri Blackstock series. There are 4 books: Last Light, True Light, Night Light & Dawn's Light.

We have been playing outside a lot. Our 4th of July was so great. We were at my parents and the neighborhood did an awesome display-at least an hour of great fireworks. After the festivities we fell into bed-no baths or anything. My boys were so muddy from a day of playing outside in water and dirt but we were pooped.

I'm into the Duggars show right now-18 and Counting on TLC. It is so interesting. Have you seen it?


Rachel said...

Girl, they're already on 19 kids...and STILL counting! Crazy, huh? Love the blog :) Hope your family is doing well. Give Page a big hug for me, hopefully I'll be able to come visit soon!

Rachel :)

Mrs. Sojourner said...

Oh, I love the Duggars! They just brought number 19 home from the hospital after she was born a premie. There is no way my hubby and I could agree on 19 names. (And all with a J?!) Love your blog. :)

The Merediths said...

Oh I love me some Duggars. They sew their own clothes (well, except for all those GAP sweatshirts they wear), homeschool their kids, and love Jesus. I secretly want to be a Duggar.

Amanda said...

Hey there,
Have you read Redeeming Love? Wonderful...I had a hard time getting started, but well worth it in the end!! Also, I hear her other books in a series...The Mark of the Lion (or something close) are fabulous.

Another one I loved...historical fiction...Sarah's Key.

Also Same Kind of Different as Me.

I am reading The 13th Tale right now...very weird fiction...how did I get myself into this one? Oh well...I keep telling David I'm too invested to not finish! How's that for stubborn...hours in a book I don't love.

Okay...and last one...So Long Insecurity (Beth moore)...I love it and need to finish. Had no idea I was so insecure...haha! No, seriously, it's great.

New Every Morning said...

I've been faithfully reading your blog but it hasn't let me post a comment in forever. I finally got it to cooperate today so I wanted to make sure you knew I'm still one of your peeps.

LOVE Terri Blackstock. Love Christian fiction.
Love you!