Monday, July 12, 2010

High Maintenance

I've turned back to the dark side.

In college I was Texas hair to the hilt. Velcro rollers, flat irons, curling irons, hair spray, combs to tease it up, the whole nine yards. Then the last 7 years I've been having kiddos. I traded in all the hype for a more natural look. Translated means very fast to get ready. Total start time, shower to shoes can be under 30 minutes.

Fast Forward to the last few weeks where we spent time at my parents house. My sister lives around the corner. One night I called and asked if she'd fix my hair. She was all about that because she's a diva and everything so the next morning we went over and she went to town.

Oh. My. Word. Girl spent an hour on my hair. She pulled out all the stops. Velcro rollers. Tons of product. Big brushes. Combs. Flat Irons. Curling Irons. Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play. My hair hasn't looked that good since....ever.

And then something else happened. Saturday night me and my mom were watching QVC and Laura Gellar was on. We don't have cable so I don't catch the beauty nights which is a really good thing because my husband would kill me if I got everything I needed. Laura was giving all kinds of make-up tips (like wear black liner on the top, brown liner on the bottom to open up your eyes).

Then she came to the crown jewel. The Lipstick tropics collection and my heart started beating so fast. It was a top selling color in her salon that was discontinued. People continued to ask about it and she has been able to bring it back. It's a pink shade that is supposed to look good with everything. The gloss has gold and silver glitter in it. Shut up, I know. My mom ordered it for us and I was flipping out. Be looking for a review next week.

So that's all I've got for today. It's taking me longer to get ready these days and it's a lot of fun.

And this my friends is why God blessed me with three boys because this tendency towards loving hair and make-up runs in my Mamaw's blood, all four of her daughters, in me and my sister all the way down to my nieces.


Amy said...

Oh, how I miss being high-maintenance!! I actually just bought some dry shampoo for when I don't have time to shower. There is nothing more fun than new makeup. Be sure to tell us how you like it!

Nic said...

Hey!! I knew I loved you for a reason!!! Big hair, makeup....HEAVEN!! Come over anytime and we'll play beauty shop!! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Where's the picture?? Please don't describe a hairdo like that and not send a picture!!!!!

New Every Morning said...

And where, pray tell, is the picture of the new hair??? :P