Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Horsin' Around

Hey it's Bugs. I'm sitting here in my pj's drinking my third cup of cream with a dash of coffee. It's dark and rainy outside, oh I love it so much. The kids are eating fake Fruit Loops or Wheels or Flying Saucers I forget what the technical name for this bag is called. Superman is on.

It was nearly impossible to get up this morning. I am the most un-morning person you will ever meet. We can swing from the chandeliers all night though. Something very exciting is taking place in one hour. I'm meeting 3 bloggy friends for lunch. Can. Not. Wait.

Are you keeping up with Kate McRae? Her Mama Holly has been real heavy on my heart last night and today. She's been staying at the hospital with Kate for months since her happy 5 year daughter old got diagnosed with a brain tumor. I'm feeling like Holly needs an extra dose of prayer. A small hospital room with a sick baby can take it's toll. The walls start closing in. I just wanted to mention Holly and Kate and maybe they'll come to mind for prayer.

There is a new fragrance from Trapp I've found called Water. It smells like a Crabtree & Evelyn perfume I used to wear called Freesia. It's nice like a Spring day. Oh girl, and Pier One has some amazing Fall/Christmas fragrance sprays for only $6. A highly scented spray is such a treat. You can spray the area above the door right before company comes. Or spray the air just for yourself.

And this is the perfect time of year for a Woodwick candle. The wick crackles like a fire. You know what is the ultimate treat? Getting up before everyone else when it is dark outside. Having your cream with a dash of coffee, and lighting your Woodwick. The stillness of the morning, the sound of fire, and the breeze from God's Word filling your sails.


Kelli Stuart said...

girl I had my woodwick candle going all saturday! it was perfect with that little nip in the air.

Nic said...

Had so much fun today! Can't wait to do it again! I put our cute picture on my blog =)