Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Garlic Fries

3 large potatoes, sliced into matchsticks (make them look like a fry)
2 TBS Canola Oil
3 cloves minced garlic
1/2 t salt

Preheat 450. Place potatoes in a bowl. Saute garlic in the oil over medium heat for 2 minutes. Use a small strainer and pour oil over potatoes-reserving garlic for later. Stir in salt. Spray a cookie sheet with Pam and spread potatoes in a single layer. Bake for 35 minutes. Toss with reserved garlic, chopped parsley and extra salt to taste. Serve immediately.

This recipe is such an easy, fabulous side dish from Ellie Krieger. We made them last night and they are a mix between a crunchy potato chip and a fry. Some get really well done and those are the ones like chips. They were simply amazing.
The canola oil has a high cooking temp. so you want to use this. If you don't want to do the garlic step simply omit it. In this recipe the garlic infuses the oil with flavor. This is for sure a new favorite side dish of ours. So fast and easy. You can toss the fries into the oven and let them cook while you make the main dish. Burgers? Sloppy Joes? Homemade Nuggets?
It's a very kid friendly way to do a potato. When we were done we all just gathered around the empty pan with saddened faces that the fry frenzy was over.


Nic said...

Yum..Sounds really good. I love anything with Garlic and the nice breath that goes with it =)

the condrays said...

sounds awesome! i will definitely be trying this one!