Friday, October 9, 2009

Clinique Man

Last year the Clinique Man told me to do something that has saved me a lot of money. Initially I was slow to convert to the change. He converted me to creme eye liner. It's the little black pot with the silver lid. The clear brush propped up against it is what comes with it. You need another brush to smooth the liner out one you apply it. I use the soft tip on the gray liner brush. When you use creme liner you don't want people looking at you going, "HELLO CREME EYE LINER HOW ARE YOU TODAY?"

This little jar of creme eyeliner has lasted me almost an entire year. You can create a thick line or a thin line. The trick is to smooth it out and blend it with some type of brush.

So, here you have it-my morning eye routine. From left to right: One cup of Hazelnut Creme, Clinique Spruced Up, Mac Nylon, Mac Black Tied, Clinique Light Canvas (must have!), Clinique Black Creme Liner, and my better half-Voluminous Original (with a straight brush, not curved) in Black/Brown (sorry Shane). Q-Tips are great for applying your darker shadow in the corner, and then for blending it all together.

It's hard to believe that the Clinique Man, who I'm assuming has never worn a smokey eye himself, could be so right on with his advice.


'The H Family' said...

i'm with ya...i love creme eye liner. it lasts so much longer and seems to show up a lot better too. your clinique man 'done good' girl! hope you're having a good friday!!

stephy said...

I love cream eyeliner too! I love a male makeup artist, they're almost always dead on.
xo :)

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