Sunday, October 18, 2009

Extreme Make-Over-Bugs Edition

We have moved. Temporarily. And THESE OUR PICTURES OF OUR FUTURE HOME. I will tell you this has been a lllooonggg week. Our real estate agent found this house when the sign had been in the yard less than 12 hours. We saw it and made an offer on the spot. That night we stayed up all night, literally, and I was sick thinking the most horrific decision in 9 years of marriage had just been made.

I was having flashbacks of the dark, tapestry curtains covering the beautiful windows and fisherman decorating in places like the master bath. The next day we went back to take one more look and to tell our sweet real estate agent we just could. not. doit only I fell in love with all the possibility all over again. So, here you next project-I mean HOME...come on in and have a look around.

This is the dining room that will not be a dining room at all when I get my hands on it. I want comfortable chairs, ottomans, beautiful, elegant, a comfy and cozy sitting space. You can see the fireplace from this room. These windows get the west/afternoon sun. MY FIRST DESIGN QUESTION: curtains? 2 inch blinds? plantation shutters? cover all windows? some? what shade of paint? There are 3 gorgeous columns in this room you can see in the outside of this picture.

This is the eat in kitchen. Bye bye big thing on the wall and tapestry valance. And light fixture over the table no offense but I hate you and you are about to get a make-over. Do you need to be painted white? Yes, I think you do. Those shades or globe covers or whatever your name is are on the first recycling truck. Hmmm. Will a nice candlestick looking lightbulb work for a vintagy feel-with no shade? On a dimmer? I wander...

This is the entry that has my mind reeling. The paper shade thing on the window and the sad sheers on the sidelights will be going. I'll be on the scavenge for a gorgeous chandelier with lots of glass and light and vintage charm. I'll be patient and I'll wait but I'm saying it out loud here, a wonderful chandelier will hang in this space one day.

Master Bathroom: No your eyes are not deceiving you and yes that is fish net and bouys adorning the glass brick window. The jury is still out on how I feel about the glass brick but there is potential in this room if I've ever seen potential.

I have a black four poster bed with a white matalesse coverlet. Our bed is king size. I was thinking Benjamon Moore's Wedgewood Gray for this space. This room is seen from the living room. I want it to be clean lined and fresh.

The bathroom can also be seen from the living room if I want it to be...wall color is going to be very, very important in this space. Luckily I googled "Wedgewood Gray" today and found Annie, yes, me and you have a new best friend. We really do. Just like your family had to pay a high price for your absence when you picked up the Twilight series, she too will be the reason you are MIA for awhile. So much inspiration on her blog.

Our future playroom. I know, no room with a bay window and french doors should be the landing spot for your Gazelle, but I must say it has happened without my consent. ANOTHER DESIGN WONDERLAND: visions of Pottery Barn Kids are dancing through my head. Colors. Fabrics. This room screams cheerfulness. The bay window gets the western sun. Plantation shutters? Plaids? Checks? Stripes? Polka Dots? A bench with great pillows, bookshelves with baskets, whimsical rug, this room needs to be a magical wonderland for the boys. There space for them and their friends.

The living room. There is so much about this space that gives me a heart attack but somehow I am till able to sit here and continue breathing and typing. A formal/traditional look is very pretty-just not my personal style. I have this look on my current bedroom windows and don't like it. They are a result of a sale at Targe' before I new better but oh that mantle. What am I going to do with you? And bricks around the fireplace, do you need a coat of white paint?

So, there you have it. The reason I can't sleep. The reason I can't eat (ok, well that is not true). I am emailing the Bossy Color Lady and begging for her color help. I am emailing Nester for design thoughts and I would love to hear your thoughts.


Kelli Stuart said...

I have no insightful decorating tips - I'm sure you are far more qualified at that sort of thing than I am - but I am begging you please please PLEASE whatever you do, DON'T get rid of the glass bricks next to the tub!!!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!

The Nester said...

You do not need to lose a wink of sleep over this house. You are going to make it look fantastic.

My advice, live with it for awhile to see what kinds of window treatments you need. My guess is for that double/palladian window you get strong, strong sun so you'll want something--plantation shutters will be ideal but $$ but worth it!

You'll be able to bulk up that mantle {didn't layla at the lettered cottage do hers up good?} and have a beautiful focal point.

Sleep good knowing you are investing in a home that your family can enjoy and that you can make beautiful over time!!

I hate glass bricks too and we have them as well {sorry up there Kelli!} but it's not the end of the world, there are other things that are more important.

The Nester said...

PS: Congrats on your beautiful home!

J'Ollie Primitives said...

Had to come over from Nester's blog....I am j.e.a.l.o.u.s!!!!! What beautiful bones your new home has!!!

I love the idea of plantation shutters too. Looking forward to seeing pics of your work in progress.

marietta said...

Anna! Congrats! The house will be gorgeous! It does have great bones!

Becke' said...

I am going to have to start praying verses of peace over you, aren't I? Hee! I can't wait to help you in whatever way you need! Love ya and happy monday!

Jennifer said...

You are gonna have SO MUCH FUN decorating your new house! Just remember it doesn't have to all get done the first week... take your time so you end up with what you really like. I have no decorating advice, but you will definitely want something that blocks the sun on those west-facing windows (we have almost entirely west-facing windows at our house!). It's great in the winter to heat up your house; not so great in August!

New Every Morning said...

Congrats on your new home!
What fun it will be to "play" and decorate.
I agree with Nester ... live there for a little while before you make any big decisions.

This will be a wonderful place for your family!
We just painted our bedroom in Urban Mist by Behr (HomeDeopt). It is a beautiful grey/blue.


Anonymous said...

I vote 2" blinds throughout the house, keep the glass bricks, they will grow on you and they really are neat. Live with the fireplace for a few months before painting. You can always paint later,and it will look a lot different with your things in there. Now, about those west windows! We had a glass company put that tinting on our west windows, and it made 5-7 degrees difference. We liked the results so much inside and out that we had the entire house done. You are going to have so much fun.

Annie, bossy color said...

Anna, thank you so much for your faith in bossy color! I'm in San Diego at a color conference right now - of all things - but I will respond to your thoughtful questions as soon as I can. Thank you very much for reading!