Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Why I Hate Mondays

Well I don't like admitting this but I really just don't like Mondays.

I often wake up feeling overwhelmed and defeated before my feet ever hit the floor.

I'm in a bad pattern of staying up way too late and having a hard time getting out of bed.

Yesterday here's wheeled through my groggy head as I tried to get up. When I get up I have to:
  • make the beds
  • get ready for the day
  • unload the dishwasher
  • feed the baby and boys breakfast
  • bless my house during morning naptime
  • make lunch and feed the gang
  • continue dealing with the 4 loads of laundry
  • bible study/tidy house before naps
  • get ready for training tonight
  • make dinner for the boys
  • go to training

In the morning I had to deal with a "punching out the screen while the windows were open" incident. I'm pretty sure we won't have issue with this anymore. For a brief 2 seconds, I literally thought, "this is one of the first times this year I've had the windows open, maybe the boys didn't remember that we are not supposed to punch the screen out..." But then I came back down to reality and was like, "OH HECK NO!!!"

My boys sat in wide eyed amazement as Mama dealt out the consequences. No TV, Games, Movies, Cokes, Candies, Gum, Nothing-Nada-Zilch and you will not ever again touch one of Mama's screens.

I've never been one to have to deal with PMS other than eating an absurd amount of chips and salsa to feel better, but I have been in a bad mood the last 2 days which is just not like me.

Pray for my boyz. Poor things. It could be worse. We could have multiple hormonal women in the house to deal with. Advantage #14400 of having a house full of boys-fewer hormones and cheaper hair cuts.

I tried for a nano-second to try to think of making lemonade out of the lemons, trying to think of positive things, finding a happy place but right now I feel like squashing the lemon tree.

And don't even think I haven't eaten chocolate chip cake for breakfast the past 2 days because I have.

And why is it that I always seriuosly consider loosing weight when I'm in these moods.

Have a Nice Day.


Jennifer said...

I can't think of anything positive about a punched-out window screen either, except that at least it wasn't a window.

How about a nice cup of that breakfast blend coffee or whatever it is you like. :) Sorry you had such a crummy day--hope this one's better!

Jenny said...

hahahaha:) my fav part was "Oh HECK NO"... sounds like me!

The Uptons said...

lol! hope this day is a better one, with all screens in tact!

Anonymous said...

Girlfriend, today make yourself a cup of Calm tea by Tazo, put the boys down for naps, go outside with your bible and a big blanket to sit on, revel in the sunshine, and pretend that only you and God are the only two creatures in the universe! Before naptime hits, call me for some "gettin' it off your chest time"! Love ya!

the Fosters said...

We all have those days it seems! Leave your bed unmade on those days! I hope the rest of the week is a little better. Gotta LOL a little though.