Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Week in Review

This has been a very nice week so far.

Monday I axed cleaning from my list for the day. It was a much nicer start to my week!

I am trying to S-L-O-W down and enjoy my boys during the day. The day can get away from me so fast and before I know it it's midnight and I'm falling into bed.

We went to the Bee Pa..., I mean Pumpkin Patch. It was nice. Except for the fact that we almost died from the killer bees. But I danged sure left with 5 pumpkins. And a nervous twitch.

I am MAJORLY procrastinating on my Bible Study for the week. As in, I have 6 days worth of lessons to do and here I am blogging. It's amazing stuff, I think the blue skies and nice weather have me sidetracked.

I am counting down the days till Friday when the boys bring in the booty. Of candy that is. Gosh, these last few Halloweens I have developed a love of Laffy Taffy. Try it for breakfast I know you'll love it. It too is a good way to get your fruit in without the pesky flies. Or bees.


Jenny said...

While you need to SLOW down, I think I need to possibly SPEED up:) I never have any motivation to clean this place!!

Savannah said...

You make it til MIDNIGHT? Man, I'm in bed by like, 8:54 most nights!