Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm back!

The view from our room

Hey Friends! We are back. I couldn't tell you we were leaving for vacation because I didn't want the Burglars who read my blog to come rob my Pampered Chef products while we were gone. As you'll hear in the video, we went to Big Cedar Lodge in Branson.

It was nice to get away for the week. We fished, grilled out, shopped, slept, read, watched T.V., swam and went out to eat. And little JJ tried Green Beans and Squash for the first time.

First Fish on the trip for the little guy! Transformer Fishin' Poles are the BEST!

Sooo COLD!!!


Yesterday I did my weekly home blessing and got things back in order. Today I am trying to tackle the 167 emails in my Inbox.

The house is decorated for Fall and is very festive. My next post will be on Stupid Things People Do While On Vacation!!! Be looking for some telling pictures!


bjdowns said...

The vacation sounds wonderful. So glad you're back!

Stuart Fam said...

How FUN! I am glad I restrained myself from stealing all of your candles and lamp berge' stuff while you were gone. I am such a good friend. The pics are hilarious...what is up with wearing sunglasses while building log cabins? The one of Luke laying in bed with the boys is funny...he looks like a grown man, ya know?! Glad you got to eat at one of the best mexican places in the US! Welcome back!

Savannah said...

I was going to mention that it was for the best that YOU didn't mention you were leaving town.... I might have gone shopping at your house.... but Stuart Fam seems to have already had the good idea!!

Glad y'all had fun!!

WHAT is vacation like with Husband + 2 kids + 1 infant??

You must be Wonder Woman!

Jenny said...

I'm jealous!!! I WANT a vacation!

Welcome back:)

Monkey Toes said...

I love the pics of the boys snuggled up in bed. And that hat looks os sweet.