Thursday, October 2, 2008

Grocery Store Finds

This is one of those perfect days. The windows are open and all the sheets have been washed and the house smells like April Fresh Downy.

I had to take a minute and let ya'll know about some new things I've found at the grocery store that are really great.

  • Oroweat OatNut Bread (made with Oatmeal & Hazelnuts)
  • Oscar Meyer Thinly Shaved Rotisserie Chicken (prepackaged deli-style meat in the refrigerated section by the cheeses)

We've been making toasted sandwiches under the oven broiler and it is really great.

  • Top one slice of bread with the Chicken and shredded cheddar
  • Top the other slice of bread with cheddar and a few dots of real butter
  • Broil till a little brown

It makes a great lunch with fruit, chips & salsa!

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