Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I've been misspelling the word homemade. 
Been spelling it like lemonade.  Homeade.  Writing it on the menu dinner plate and displaying it for all the world to see.  Seeing it here, with the wavy red line underneath, I see it clearly. 
We do a lot of living inside our four walls.  I imagine you may have a picture of my home being perfect all the time, but as you see, we do a lot of living in this space.  Most of the time we clear the floors in the evening and start fresh the next day.  And other times, like last night, we leave the fort up and little boys camp out on the living room floor.

I love the word homemade. 

Made at home

Forts, LEGO creations in the midst of the candles and the table runner left over from Sunday evenings sit down dinner, art, music, memories.

We all have our spaces that make us happy in our home.  For the kids it is plenty of space to create and play.  For me it is corners of the house where order, peace and beauty reign.

I have found that it is so important for me to take care of myself every day.  So I do nice things for myself that make me happy.  I make my bed because it makes me happy to see it every time I walk by.  I polish my nails pretty colors.  Every single day I light candles because they make me the happiest.  In the morning I read the Word and get my marching orders for the day ahead.

Do you know what refreshes you?  Every day we are building something.  What kind of things are you making in your home?

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