Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Testing 101

Today our son took his first standardized test.  He was super nervous and so was I.  I'm really glad our state requires this testing because it gives us a guideline to see how we're doing.   I stayed home with the little kids and Shane took him to the test.
I was dying at the texts that were flying back and forth between us.  A lot of real life denim jumpers were spotted on the runway today.  It made me think I may need to get a shorter one for spring/summer. 

The only one I have is long and that can get a little warm with the humidity.  He was the only Dad at the testing site and I encouraged him to avert the eyes lest he fall into an essential oil conversation and not be able to get his work done. The room was loud with ladies discussing different curriculums.  There was even a knitting table.

Meanwhile I was home and you'll never believe it but the house was quiet for about an hour.  The two middle boys quietly colored at the kitchen table for an hour while I held a sleeping baby and drank coffee.  I was gonna read my Bible during that time but I couldn't quit looking at little squishy cheeks.  I decided a sleeping baby is every bit as worshipful as a sunset on a Florida beach.  It was a sweet time of prayer.

We ordered this book from Amazon.  It was a fantastic resource to get our son familiar with test taking.

Today was a hard one for me.  It is hard to see your child anxious about the unknown.  I wanted to rescue him and just test him at home, but I knew he needed to go to the testing site for this experience.  I'm pretty sure Shane will be giving our kids the test next year.  All the homemade granola recipes overwhelmed him.

On second thought, I may just get a pair of knitting needles and call it a field trip for Mama when I take them next year.

Please don't judge me but we loaded up the bus and celebrated completed testing over a lunch at McDonald's.

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New Every Morning said...

I totally busted out laughing over the essential oils sentence. I love you dearly. Why do so many miles have to separate us??? Wish I could gaze at those squishy cheeks. I need a baby fix.