Thursday, April 3, 2014

If you know me...

If you know me then you know how pumped I am about today.

True, it is Thursday and Thursdays are extra exciting because they are like our Fridays at our house.  That was weird, I just used a big amount of are/our combo's in the last sentence.

Today is more exciting than that though.

We have weather heading our way.  I get so giddy on the inside about severe weather.  I am thinking this is not a normal response.  I don't know what it is, but I get excited about big weather events.  They make me wish I had cable so I could get lost in The Weather Channel. 

I like when the meteorologists are getting wound up and taking over the TV stations.  I like texting my sister to joke about how long they've been in the storm shelter.

This is not normal, I know. 

I have been anticipating this weather day all week and looking forward to seeing what is going to happen.

Right now the skies are getting dark.  The air is humid and the wind is blowing.  If feels great outside.  I've been on the patio drinking my coffee and enjoying how the air feels.

Every cotton picking lamp in the house is on {Shane, I hope you are not reading this right now because if you are I just gave you a heart attack}.

My Orange Vanilla Trapp is burning and the skies are starting to rumble.

We are all in pj's.  Technically that is not true.  The boys are playing in the yard while they can.  But I am in my pj's and that is what really matters. 

This morning I've been doing research on curriculum for next year.  That is another thing I love besides severe weather-researching stuff!  We are praying about what to do for school next year.  Right now, Shane's vote is to join a co-op.  My heart is divided on the issue, but I think I love the idea of fellowship with other families!  We have three options.  Join the co-op, My Father's World or Heart of Dakota.  I am very ready and looking forward to a fresh start to a school year.

This year had a lot of twists and turns I had not planned on.  Namely, having a baby!  It has been beyond wonderful and it has also challenged me to unclench my fists and walk with God into the different direction He had planned for us.  Nothing about our days has been predictable.  Earlier this week I was having a very hard time surrendering control.  I am ready to get us on track and have structure to our days so that I can feel productive.  I've surrendered that desire to God and am choosing to walk in the path He has for our days.  He is saying slow down sister!  We're going to keep taking it slower than you'd like and it is going to be OK.  He is saying you are not going to get it all done sister and it's going to be OK.  I am at great peace with this.

I am pretty sure that by the grace of God I will not look back on this slower season with regret.  Letting go has been a battle some days, but for the most part I've been able to embrace this slower season and let go of my expectations.

Yesterday I read something in Colossians 2 about walking with Jesus.  This year I have seen that walking with Jesus has proved to be a slower pace.  We have gone in different directions than I would have planned and the scenery has been absolutely great.  I've resisted some days, but for the most part I've been able to go with the flow and there has been blessing in that place.

My prayer right now is two fold.  One-that we don't get blown away today and Two-that I would increasingly be able to walk in the paths chosen for our days.

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Jacqueline Presley said...

Yes girl. I can relate to this.