Monday, March 24, 2014

Week Two

Today I am embarking on week two of trying to figure out our new normal.  Last week I got really sick with some postpartum stuff and was in bed a few days running fever and in bad shape.  After several days on antibiotics, however, I am a NEW woman!  The kind that even remembers how to put on make-up and jewelry!

Let me start by saying oh my heavens!  We are LOVING our newest addition to the family.  She is such a sweetheart and has really completed us.  When she wakes up her hair is all fuzzy and crazy and adorable.  She loves to be held and with five of us passing her around, she gets held a lot.

This morning I have made some plans to start slowly heading toward routine and normal.  That being said, most of my plans the last nine months have been traded for more time on the couch with the hubs and kids.  I think you'd be proud of the fingerprints on the glass and the layer of dust on the picture frames.  God has done a huge thing in my life by letting me be able to tolerate {a little more, anyway} some of the things that drive me that I can just rest or be with my family.

Here's what I started working on this morning {which, so far, has turned out to be a big fat flop}.

Today I've been trying to gently move the baby toward a routine.  The last two weeks my goal has been to get her to eat full feedings.  Newborns are so sleepy and it is hard to keep 'em awake to eat.  Heading into week three with her I'm trying to steer us toward some consistent routine.

We start back with school today which is a great feeling.  I thought I'd be up and running last week, but my sickness took me down to China town.

Since I was up for two straight hours last night with Sleeping Beauty I am hoping my afternoon reward will be a little {or big} nap.

It's Monday so that means the washing machine is whirling away behind me.  It is Living Room week at Flylady, so if I have time later today I may feather dust and run a quick vacuum.  The mission today is to put out a hot spot in the living room.  We have a small table with books piled in a big jumble.  Here's hoping that by the end of the day the books are lined up nice and neat.

I'm off to reheat my cup of coffee for the 5th time and teach an English lesson and add fabric softener to the laundry and try to settle the baby who is crying again.  I love my life!

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