Monday, July 15, 2013

The Little Dude

Man, I love this little dude. He is so much fun and I could just about squish his face off when he's wearing goggles and a life vest.

He enjoys getting his back scratched and pancakes is his favorite food.  He can almost always sweet talk one of us into making him pancakes for breakfast.

This morning he had to have some dental work done and was partially sedated.  He goes 90 to nothing from the minute his feet hit the floor till he collapses into bed at night.  Let's just say this was pretty much the best morning ever.  He came home, all groggy, and we climbed in bed and snuggled and took the best nap ever. When we got up, we had, what else but pancakes for lunch.

(this picture cracks me up.  on vacation he got to take a short drive without his carseat to the clubhouse to rent a movie.  this is the face of freedom!) 
Friday evening, while the rest of the family was watching Swamp People, he asked if he could do a schoolwork paper.  So without much fanfare and in the absence of my denim jumper, we started him on school.  Saturday night during a family game of Monopoly he asked if he could do another schoolwork paper so we did day two of school Saturday night.  It was darling to watch him learn the letters I and U. 

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