Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I finally ordered the book, 7.

After some discussion with friends, I knew it was not your run of the mill book on a decluttering of the stuff.  The first time I picked it up to start reading I wanted to put it down.

It's a little on the intense side.

Selfishly, I wasn't sure if I wanted to dive into the waters, for fear of what God might do to my heart or ask of me.

But I couldn't put it down.  I've pondered "jumping in" for months so when a friend of mine said she wanted to read it, we both jumped in together.

The book is not about community, but if you are not sure what good community looks like, read the book. 

If you have had the suspicion that their is more to life and maybe you've missed something, read the book.

If you've been bored and discontent with the grind, read the book.

If you love to hear testimonies of what God does when someone surrenders to God in obedience, read the book.

And I want to be best friends with Jen Hatmaker.  Is there a long line of you ahead of me who also want to be her bff?  She's our age and she's funny and she loves to cook Pioneer Woman food.

It has been a little funny reading the book though.  Our life feels pretty normal and unwierdish.  Until I realize we don't watch TV and school our kids at home.  I don't grind my own grain at home, but still. 

My new best friend Jen watches TV.  I don't know if she is going to care that we don't watch as much TV.

She does other things too.  Like gives away half of her salary to her poor neighbor.

And grilling out for the homeless community on Easter.

And she's given the shoes off her feet to the poor.  Twice.

I'm only part way through and cannot put the book down.

So this is my first, feeble, pitiful attempt to being content and not indulging in excess today.  Tonight we are having a sweet family over for dinner.

We are having nachos.  And I want to make shortcakes for dessert.  But the shortcake idea is a last minute addition and I only have half a carton of berries and no fresh cream to whip. 

Since I live in the land of excess, however, I have a carton of frozen Cool Whip in the freezer.  So I am making myself not go to the store for fresh cream.  I know, a pathetic offering and first step toward cutting out the excess, but I have a suspicion that the road to contentment and less is a long one.

There are other convictions churning up inside of me, but for today my faith takes on flesh by using a carton of frozen whipped topping instead of whipping up my own fresh cream.

So, does that make me weird if I don't grind my own grain but do whip fresh cream for shortcakes?

Oh dang.


Jennifer said...

I LOVE the book 7 and Jen Hatmaker! Yes, there is a long line of us who want to be her bff. Well, ok, I'd settle for having lunch with her once. She fills a void so often seen in the church -- Christians who believe the Bible and embrace the gospel of Christ who are ALSO meeting the physical needs of those who are physically suffering. It seems most churches get one right or the other (or maybe neither), but rarely both.

Jenny said...

Oh how I love Jen Hatmaker!!! 7 is just an incredible book. I have such a desire to clothe/feed/meet needs of the needy with what we already HAVE!! I truly believe we are so blinded as to how excess rips away at the core of what He wants for us!!

Brenda Parry said...

The book 7 is amazing. And I think you are right about a line of people wanting to be her friend, because I want to be her best friend. It really makes you think about all we have in our lives. It motivated me to make some changes in my household and there is still more I could do. I need to read the book again. BTW, I love your blog.