Monday, April 18, 2011

Praying for the kids

Our community group has began the most powerful thing.  We are bringing the kids in each week, one by one to pray over them.

The first week, each of the Middle Aged Children came in, one at a time.

Last night, the Youngest kiddos had their turn.

Next time we meet we'll pray over the oldest children.

We asked them what we could pray for.  Any sin areas?  Things you'd like to see changed?  Needs?  Fears?  Joys?

The adults sit in a circle and the child either sits in the middle or in their Daddy or Mommy's lap.  Then, all 6 of us adults take a turn praying prayers over the child out loud.

It is the most powerful, beautiful, humbling thing to be a part of.  Having our friends pray over our children and being able to do the same for theirs has been a gift.  It is power-filled.  Who knows how our prayers on behalf of these children is reshaping the course of their days?  There lives, choices, the legacy they will leave behind on this world.

Prayer is the greatest shield we can provide for our children.

Listen to them throughout the day.  Comments made to you or siblings.  Underlying tone behind comments.  Look for sin or obedience issues that are manifesting themselves.  Then talk to your Heavenly Father about them.  It is surprising how often I overlook prayer in the day to day of life.  Lord, teach us to pray without ceasing.  Make prayer to you be our first response before we open our mouth to teach and train.  Give us wisdom to speak truth into their lives.  Equip us with words of wisdom as we teach and train.  Reveal hidden sin in our homes.

There is a well of faith that runs deep if we'd tap into it.  Last night we had conversations on desperately relying on the Holy Spirit in the day to day of life.  In the making the beds, the buttering the toast, the refilling of sippy cups, the folding of laundry, the thawing of meat for dinner, the washing of the dishes, the taking 10 minutes to listen to a friend on the phone, the reading of the books to the boys, the cleaning the base of the toilet again because of bad aim, the sweeping of the floor, the opening of the WORD to be filled, the opening of the mouth to WORSHIP.

Days fly by and today can count for Eternity.  Is that really true?  Absolutely yes it is.  Whether you are in an office with fluorescent lights overhead, a classroom about to take an exam, a kitchen washing up more dishes, or a car running errands.  It can count.  It can have meaning and purpose.


New Every Morning said...

Can I move to your community? What a wonderful idea!
You always inspire me, friend.

'The H Family' said...

LOVE that idea of the small group praying over your kiddos! And LOVE this post!! It is all so true and I sooo know it...but many times find it hard to daily put into practice!! Such a 'good word'!!

Amanda said...

Awesome idea and example to the kids...