Saturday, April 30, 2011


I'm dusting this thing off to make sure it still works.

Aaaand it looks like it does.

Today I realized that I have no consistent plan in place for the detailed cleaning.

By detailed cleaning I mean: washing doors on the inside and out and scrubbing the little 6 square insert deals, washing baseboards, washing fans and dusting blinds.  For awhile I told myself I could just run a dust rag over the baseboards but there is an entirely different feel when they are scrubbed and washed with hot Pine Sol water.  You know what I'm sayin?

So, my clutter problem last week started with a bag of Cuties.  I placed the oranges on the kitchen counter.  Then I added the big California Navel Oranges.  Then the box of Campari tomatoes.  Then a bunch of bananas and a loaf of bread.  Then the mail, keys, cell phone chargers, things I need to take to UPS, kids toys, dirty dishes, wrappers...I mean the list could go on.

It was ugly.

And it reminded me that clutter always attracts clutter..

That's why today I nipped that puppy in the bud.

You always want to clean a room/house from left to right.  Remembering that will help you get going when you're overwhelmed.

Today I worked and worked and worked on this blasted house.  Buckets and buckets of hot soapy water.  I scrubbed and polished and shined.  Now I can blog again because my little corner of the world is tidy and back in order.

A couple days ago I read in Proverbs 28 that a man of wisdom and understanding maintains order.

I so needed that reminder that order is a good and necessary thing.  Cause I was buried in clutter and overwhelmed and shut down.  When your house gets out of control do you shut down too?  When it's clean and tidy do you shine like a fresh bottle of sparkly Windex?!!!

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