Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cottage Daydreaming

We have an appointment tommorow to go see 2 Cottage/Bungalow style houses that are for sale.  We love our current house, but I am SO EXCITED to check it out.  We've been reading Radical, by David Platt and one thing he suggested is living below your means for a year and use your extra money to bless others.

Living in a suburban neighborhood is nice and we love it.  There is just this huge part of me that wants a picket fence.  Beadboard.  White painted paneling.  Charm.

Of all the Cottage Decorating Styles I'm not sure where I land.  Somewhere between French, English and Swedish and Shabby Chic.  Huh, apparantly I love it all.  Casual, comfortable, homey, floral, stripes, silk, toile, light and simple.  Ivy, well manicured flower beds and lawn, lavender, limelight hydrangea (pictured below).

If you love Cottage style you will have a blast at Cottage Home Decorating's Site.

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Amy said...

How exciting!! I didn't know you guys were thinking about moving!