Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Remember When...

Do you remember when your sweet, angelic, sweet voiced, soft skinned baby turned TWO?
And your house became a wonderland of things to be explored.
And when little bit did not get his way he threw a fit? Hitting you, the wall, pulling his hair, whatever he could muster up to express his dissaproval?
Out of curiosity how do you discipline your two year olds.


Jenny said...

SO so CUTE!! We are at that stage with PIper and I'm going to use the naughty towel with her like the boys. Just haven't pulled it out yet ;0)

We had a GREAT time with you guys the other night. You were made to be a hostess:)
We'd love to have you guys out sometime in Sept for a family outdoor movie.

Jennifer said...

We send her to her room and tell her she can come out when she has a happy face. I guess that's not discipline so much as just acknowledging that she needs a few moments to chill, but it works.

The Merediths said...

I throw him in the backyard, shoot cold water on him, and tell him he can come back in once he says his ABCs backwards.

Or we put him in a time out chair.

Either one isn't the most effective.