Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Junk Room

Please tell me you have a junk room, closet, drawer or garage and that I am not the only one. Here is a picture of my "office" snapped Saturday morning. You know when company is about to come and you are lovingly telling your family to pick up? The mad stash and dash technique? There is a slight possibility this room looks this way because we're stashers and dashers. You quickly Windex surfaces in the kitchen and bathrooms and then lock "the office" door, spray Aromatique and open the door with a cheery smile on your face...you with me so far?
It gets out of control when everything doesn't have a place. When you don't tend to something right away and leave it for later. Clutter attracts clutter. Think about where your clutter spot is. I bet you anything it is the stuff that doesn't have a specific place in your home.
I prayed for God to help me tackle this monster problem area because it was overwhelming. The first thing Shane did was empty out the ENTIRE ROOM, closet, drawers and all. Only the truly necessary stuff that could find a home was coming back in.

Here's the closet that got emptied out completely.

We went to the Dollar Tree and got those white storage boxes for $1 each. Stack and use space vertically. Clearly label contents. Only handle mail once. File it (to pay later) or Shred it.

Did you know when you are organized you know exactly where stuff is exactly when you need it? Genius I say. Pure genius.

How do you decide what paper stuff to keep?
Before Picture:

Take Out EVERYTHING to start FRESH:

Be intentional with what you allow back in. If you haven't used it in the last 3-6 months throw it away. Do you love it? Does it truly make you happy? Does it have a specific place to be stored in your home? Don't be a hoarder. Simplicity brings peace to your home.

My next project: The Master Bedroom Closet.
My reward: If I keep my office clutter free for 30 days I am treating myself to a trip to Hobby Lobby to frame my awards and decorate my walls.
How about you? What do you want to clear out and what is your reward if you stay on top of it for 30 days?


neddie said...

Wow! I bet you actually look forward to lighting a candle and working in there. It looks so nice. Very inspiring....

Jamie said...

Are you a fan of Flylady? I've been feeling motivated lately. I should have taken before and after of the kids bedrooms. That was a great idea!!!

Kelsey said...

It looks so GOOD!!!

New Every Morning said...

Did you sprout some wings? I do believe you are the Organizing Fairy. Can you fly to NC?
WAY TO GO!!!! I would be so productive in that office! I love the idea of rewarding yourself for maintaining it for 30 days. So smart!

The headless black sweater kinda freaked me out in the 1st picture, by the way. :)