Thursday, April 30, 2009

Irrationally Angry

This is a venting post because I am so angry right now. If you are in a cheerful, happy mood just X out so that my mood doesn't rub off on you.

I took Jibs to his well child check-up this morning which I scheduled so that he would wake right up, we would go, come home and he could take his morning nap. The first thing they have you do is take off all their clothes (diaper on) and weigh them. That part was fine. The part that was not fine is the part where they said the "doctor would be right in." After over 45 minutes the doctor finally came in.

We were the first people there. We waited nearly AN HOUR. I waited holding a naked, cold, 21 pound little bundle of energy who I had to try to keep warm and content. Why am I so irked right now. I mean I am just so dang mad. And the lady we saw is the sweetest lady I just adore her, but still. I had to say, "Anna, be nice, be nice, be nice. You love the Lord and you're the wife of a minster for Pete's sake. Be nice." I tried real hard, but I was just furious at that point. It is safe to say I was at most pleasant but not my normal, cheerful self.

You can imagine how immunizations went for the sweet little boy.

Now I am going to sign off, and try to post a nice, helpful post and then I am going to ask Jesus to soften my angry heart. GRrrrrrrr.

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Jennifer said...

I understand... I try to squeeze in Anna's appointments between wake-up time and nap time too, and it rarely works out. We have a wonderful doctor and I love love love her, but it does take a while. She always takes plenty of time to talk to us and never makes us feel rushed, and unfortunately that makes doctors get behind. I wish it weren't that way.