Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Biggest Looser

This little guy woke up this morning, went straight to his closet, pulled out work-out clothes, rummaged through the DVD's till he found The Biggest Looser work-out DVD, got the weights out, asked me if I'd like to work out with him, and proceeded to work-out. Hill. Arry. Us.

I explained to him that Mommy & Daddy stayed up until 2am watching a movie that we did not start until 11:45pm because we were trying to act like we are still in college and can in fact stay up till all hours of the night with no effect on the next day.

As it turns out, it is almost noon, I'm still in my night gown, and am going to seriously have to get this show rolling because I have 4 mouths to feed and we have to leave for school at around 1:oo. So, that's our day so far in a nutshell, and here is a video for your viewing enjoyment.


Samantha said...

Those were the best jumping jacks I have ever seen.

Gosh that is funny!

Amanda said...

The ONLY reason you should be up at that hour is if somebody in your house is throwing up! .......but it is nice to pretend we won't feel completely crazy the next day and go a little wild now and again watchin a movie:)

Anonymous said...

I.love.your.little.workout.man. I was laughing out loud. Seriously? Cutest thing ever. Love it how J was casually sipping his milk, ever-so widening his thighs. hee hee. Amy

Anonymous said...

Oh Baby that is PRICELESS!!! Did he learn those moves from his Nanna??? :)

And oh Little J just hanging around doing the watch'n'sip. I love it.

What Doll Babies.

Love Y'ALL - Y'Mama

Jenny said...

hahaha! how sweet! so, have you decided anything about kindergarten??