Friday, August 23, 2013

A Better Week

This week I have started to get some life back in me.  It is a huge answer to all the many, many prayers that I know have been offered.

The last month has been a challenging one.  I went down for the count almost a month ago.  I'm talking, in bed all day and night.  I was so weak from all the sickness I could barely lift my head from the pillow.  Relentless, severe nausea and sickness.  No talking to anyone and no interaction with people.  It was so bad I could not take care of myself or my family.  About twice a week I would make myself take a bath and brush my teeth and that was it.  The rest of the time was spent in the bathroom or bed wandering how on earth I could survive the intense sickness.

Eating and drinking was a challenge.  I just couldn't do it.  Every time I was in an upright position I was getting sick.  So for over three weeks I laid in bed, miserably sick and unable to do anything.  My prayer every morning was begging God to help me and asking Him to make the day fly so I could endure it.

God provided for us in so many kind ways.  In all the suffering, His goodness and faithfulness was there every step of the way.  It came through people.  Prayers, cards, meals, help cleaning our house, taking our kids for the day, groceries brought, toilet paper left on the front porch.  You want to talk about being overwhelmed by the love of people being the hands and feet of Jesus, we have been overwhelmed.

The boys have grown up these last weeks.  They have taken care of each other.  They have played hours upon hours of video games and watched a ton of TV.  They've made their own lunch. Corn dogs, chips, ice cream, pizza-they haven't been too torn up over any of it.

This week I have turned a corner.  I've been awake, eating and drinking.  Boy have I been drinking.  I've been able to get dressed and have graduated to spending most of my days on the couch.  I have thanked God over and over for helping me come up for air to breathe.  I am having moments where I feel OK, and the nausea is not so intense.  It makes the other moments where it is really bad seem so much more bearable. 

A couple of mornings ago I was wide awake at 4am.  I was thanking God for all the ways He has carried us these last weeks.  I was especially thanking Him for answering all the prayers for me to feel better.  Around 5:45 I got up and looked outside the window.  It looked like the cloud was spelling a capital A over the moon.  It was so neat.  Almost like God was saying, "I have seen you every step of the way and you are welcome, it is always my pleasure to watch over my children even when the way is hard and you can't always understand."

Within seconds the clouds had dissipated and moved on. 

One thing I found that sounded good was Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream on a sugar cone.  Tonight is going to be spent watching Little House On The Prairie and we're having ice cream cones.  Hope you have a sweet weekend.


Amy said...

Oh my goodness, I can't even imagine!! The kids are praying for you and their new cousin every night. So thankful you're finally feeling better, and we'll keep the prayers coming. Love you all!!

Jena said...

Bless your heart! Praying for you, sweet baby and your family!

New Every Morning said...

SO glad you've turned the corner. I remember that terrible, yucky feeling and trying to be a mom at the same time is HARD. It teaches us a whole new meaning of grace, doesn't it? Hugs!!