Monday, June 13, 2011

My other blog

Well, today's post is a step of faith for me.

I have another blog I started 3 years ago.

It is a step of faith for me to unhide it and share it with you today.  No one knows about it, it has been something between God and I.  There are only a couple of posts.  These pasts weeks and months God keeps telling me two words.

Word and Song.

My biggest ministry these days is to my husband and babies but God is giving me little glimpses into new things.  The two words He keeps whispering to me are Word and Song.  Not very many pieces to the puzzle there, but there is no mistaking in my heart He has clearly revealed these two precious words to me.

I'm going to be writing on both blogs, but my other blog is where I'm going to be writing about my times with the LORD.  That is where my heart is.

Even this morning as I read Psalm 71 he reaffirmed to me that this is His Desire for me.  He reminded me that since my youth He has not forsaken me.  He wants me to declare his power to the next generation, and declare His Might to anyone who will listen.

Sharing my heart feels very vulnerable.  Sharing with whoever will read makes me scared.  Two weeks ago the LORD made it very clear to me during our sermon at church that this is my next step of faith. I've sat on the command for two weeks.  And today I'm stepping out in obedience and with a heart that wants to bring God's Name Glory.


New Every Morning said...

It's a big step, opening our hearts. I'm so proud of you friend.

Paige said...

You continue to inspire me! Love you, friend!