Monday, June 27, 2011

Big Cedar

We packed up the bus and headed to Big Cedar last week. My parents took us and boy was it a blessing!  So relaxing and fun.

This just cracked me up! We were at the campfire to make smores and the smoke was burning the boys eyes so they put there goggles on.  I told them smoke follows beauty and had to apologize profusely for causing a smokey scene (wink wink).  I about fell over when they did this though-too funny.
In the mornings Shane fishes on vacation.  Then around 10 we go to the family pool.  We head back to the room for lunch around noon.  Shane stays in the room with the boys after lunch.  They nap and he catches up on important world news like Swamp People and American Pickers.  Meanwhile, Mama goes to the "Pina Colada Pool".  Yep, for a few hours it's just me, my murder mystery and a fruity drink.  There are kids there but none of them are mine.  These are the kind of afternoons this stay at home Mama lives for!
Thank you Nanny and Poppy for a fun filled week!

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New Every Morning said...

1. That's a great shot of you and your man.
2. Smoke follows beauty ... hahahaha!
3. Love the big hat.
4. Smart boys with the goggles
5. I loved the Cape Refuge series. Good choice for an afternoon by the pool.
6. I love a good pina colada.
7. You look just like your mom!! (2 beauties)
8. So happy for you to have a chillaxing vacay!