Monday, December 21, 2009

Post Office Acoustics

Why do the voices of my children get amplified when we are at the Post Office?

Two years ago we walk in and my son yells, "LOOK MOM, STAR HORES!!! (Wars, and yes we are in speech therapy). Thank you and yes, we are the family on staff at the church down the road.

Last week we walk in and get to the counter. I'm taking care of my postal business and the two big boys are standing to my left. One of them tells the other in the most loud, crystal clear voice you've ever heard, "Ow, that's my weiners don't hit me there!" I gave them 'the look'. You know, the "we don't talk about weiners, or any body parts at the Post Office unless we want to die look." I did not want to turn around to walk out. I contimplated insurance on my package as long as possible and then turned to do the walk of shame to the door.

Thankfully the line was all the way out the door so I had an extra long walk of shame.


In His Army said...

Oh this is just toooo funny :) The last time our community group met, we had about an hour long discussion about some of the embarassing things our kids have said. After we all left that night I think we were all wondering if we had shared too I would love to have an hour to share with you on this matter! ;)

Jenny said...

that is SO funny! one time Cameron took Andrew to the bathroom in Wal-mart and while he was peeing a "large" man came in. Andrew says, "look dad... now HE'S FAT, isn't he??" oh. my. goodness!! It's like we sit around at home calling people fat or something. Really, I don't know that he's ever heard that word here. Cam wanted to DIE! He said someone in one of the stalls started chuckling :)

Lori Beth said...

Girl...I know just how you feel. My two have a fascination with their "wieners" right now and think it's hilarious to hit each other in that area...especially when we're in public. Sometimes I just want to walk away like I don't know who they are!!! :) It does make for a good laugh after the embarrassment has worn off though!

Paige said...

LOLOLOL - thank you so much for the laugh! I laughed just as hard as Jenny's story too!