Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christmas Tree Food???

I'mmmmm Baaaacccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!

The hiatus is over and we have a home. And I have a question I need ideas on...that is if I still have any readers after the 4 week vacation.

I'm always trying to think of fun little traditions to start in our family. For example we did something so fun for Halloween this year that I'd like to start doing every year. We had a chili cook-0ff and then when we came in from gathering all the booty we had Gingerbread and Hot Apple Cider. Last year when we got to Shane's parents for Thanksgiving Anna had Gingerbread and Cider waiting and it was soooo good.

OK so back to my question. What would be a fun dinner to serve for putting up the tree night? I have one request for us to make M&M Cookies so that is on the menu. But the main course....hmmmm. Do you have any traditions you do every year when you trim the tree and deck the halls?

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Anonymous said...

I haven't forgotten you! Welcome back! I say cook whatever your "ultimate family favorite" is each year for the tradition! We went with Chicken Florentine, but we are spinach geeks like that. Can't wait to see the new decor in the new home! Happy Thanksgiving, chica.