Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sick Baby

My red head is under the weather.  Poor little guy.  I've been freshening up his couch bed and keeping his glass filled with crushed ice and a drink.  His little fever keeps spiking pretty high and he looks pitiful.  This is part of my daytime job that I love-taking care of these little guys (and gal!).

When we were growing up my mother always took such good care of us, especially when we were sick.  In high school my sister and I both got our wisdom teeth out on the same day.  She got us little bells to ring when we needed something and made us fun treats like Jell-O pudding in wine glasses topped with Cool Whip.

This morning our sick little fella looked at his daddy and me with big old tears running down those cheeks.  "I've been praying for God to heal me for three whole days and I am still sick...can we gather the family around me to pray for me?" 

What a tender heart.

We laid our hands on that little warm body and prayed over him to feel better.

It has been a sweet day of reading and watching Redbox movies.  His brother went to the store to get his medicine with dad, and they came home with three Redbox movies.  Add that to the two I checked out at the library last night and I have some happy campers.

Monster's Inc. 2
Mary Poppins
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I've got the double batch of strawberry Jell-O setting up in the fridge.  The boys don't know and boy are they going to be excited when they see it.  My favorite thing about making Jell-O is getting a big old spoon and getting a taste of the warm liquid before it sets.  So good.  And good for you?  What, it's strawberry!

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