Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Big Flop

Well, the bean ordeal was so bad I am just now bringing myself to talk about it a week later.

They were terrible.

Almost everyone cried.

Our only saving grace was that we were having Home Church at our house that night and we all knew I was serving cupcakes and lime sherbet punch.  I made empty threats about no beans no dessert, but when I couldn't even eat them that threat had to fly out the window cause we all know Big Mama was having dessert and that's all I have to say about that.

I think my seasoning effort was wrong.

Last week I cooked three times.

There were tears and revolts at all three meals.  Declarations were made about how the boys like Dad's cooking so much better than mine.

The most explosive meal in regard to the melt-downs was biscuit and sausage gravy night.  You'd of thought I served them road kill the way they carried on.  "You knoooooowwww I don't like sausage boo hoo hooooo."  The drama was so intense all we could do was burst into laughter with naturally fueled the flame.

Clearly I have failed in motherhood.  The fact that my children do not appreciate a good cream gravy just pains me.  I have failed in raising these boys in the proper Southern ways.  Such a sad day.

Today we had a snow day and went to the movies to see Planes.  The boys were so confused about us taking a snow day.  Where's the snow? they asked.  So literal, those kids.  Planes was cute.  It started out slow but maybe I was distracted by the robotic way my hand kept ending up in the popcorn bucket.  At one point I was praying for Dusty because mean old Ripslinger tried to sabotage the race.  Do you pray for people in movies too?  Funny, eh.  Nothing another handful of popcorn can't fix.

I love going to the movies.  It is so fun.

So this week we're relying on Kids Eat Free around town again.  Thank heavens for Kids Eat Free and frozen pizza.

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Cottage Sweet Cottage said...

I'm so glad you stopped by to check on me! Ohhh... summer has been so busy and HOT. I haven't wanted to do any cooking, cleaning or anything!!! We've had cooler weather and I hope to be blog posting soon!