Friday, October 26, 2007

Do you like Pottery Barn Spring or Fall?

My parents built a house two years ago. They have let me help them with picking out details along the way and it has been very fun. The newest project is repainting the Master bedroom and picking out window coverings. They are really getting into the spirit of things. Even went to the library and checked out some awesome decorating books. And of course, the Sherwin Williams paint wheel, which is always fun to sift through. Colors like Blonde, Svelte Sage, Tea Chest, & Mushroom are among my all time faves.

Along with my parents decorating a room, I have been browsing the Classifieds for houses for sell. Let me just say that houses in my town can be so cookie cutter. We totally live in a 1200 sq.ft cookie cutter, in an awesome neighborhood, surrounded by really nice neighborhoods, so I am not complaining. When I think about bringing a baby home to our house it makes me laugh. The baby in and of itself will not take up too much room, but the entourage that comes along with the baby is what has me window shopping for new houses. So far, nothing is worth moving for.

Several times a year Pottery Barn comes out with the newest catalog which is an invaluable resource for getting decorating ideas. They even have paint colors available at Benjamin Moore. I want to design a quaint neighborhood with minimal if any brick on the houses. An old-fashioned feel with lots of ivy, wisteria, and trees (not bradford pears or crepe myrtles either, they are the token trees and bushes in my town. i'm not harshing on them, i have a nice red crepe myrtle in my yard we just planted last season, i'm just talking about my dream street). Personally, I would like either a yellow house with lots of white trim or a white house, navy shutters and a red door. Lots and lots and lots of windows everywhere, with a very spacious open floor plan in the living/kitchen/dining area. Arched doorways going from room to room. Picket fences and black lamp posts with large white globes instead of a tall silver post with a yellow light in it. My friend Heather has redecorated her kitchen with white subway tiles, and they are awesome looking, so I would have those in the kitchen with lots of white cabinets. A 4b/2b plan, and of course, a wood-burning fire place. Lots of white and cottage charm.

So, I like Pottery Barn Spring, with all the minimal furnishings, and light airy feels. What do you like best?!

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Amanda Cash Geidl said...

Modern. Our house is VERY modern looking as far as decorating goes, but it is the 60s style ranch house so you can only do SO much! :) Our paint is our biggest deal--orange living room, lime and slate blue kitchen/DR, two-toned teal master BR. It's fun and totally fits our personalities, but the outside leaves A LOT to be desired!!